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Wike is Judas Iscariot.’~Gov. Dave Umahi

“I am not worried about the high court judgment. The constitution says I can’t be sued while in office. I have immunity from any prosecution. The Supreme Court has also said, votes obtained from elections are for the candidates and not the political party. Nyesom Wike that is boasting on TV that he’s in charge of the judiciary, that he orchestrated the judgement , makes him a Judas. It is a shame that he can be making noise around just because he’s packing his state’s money and throwing it around. Public money, not his money. He’s nothing without the state’s treasury. Who knows him before becoming Governor? Who is he? I became a billionaire at the age of 25. Not in government. What was Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike – CON then? Unlike him,

I don’t commission 3.5km roads. I do 35km standard roads. I don’t commission 100m flyovers, our multi lane flyovers and bridges are never less than 1km. I do standard world class projects, not the likes Wike is known for. I challenge him to a public debate, if he’s sure of himself. If those that spread the gospel of Christ ever knew that the gospel would go global, they’d have betrayed Jesus like Judas. Wike is Judas Iscariot.’

~Gov. Dave Umahi

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