We Changed the Sport’ – Serena Williams Talks About How She and Her Sister Venus Williams Changed People’s Perception of Tennis

Written by- Debkinkar Mail

The names Venus and Serena Williams would always remain immortal in the history of tennis books. No one can deny their contribution to the sport, both on-field and off-field. From growing up in the suburbs of Compton to becoming world champions, they have done it all. Truly, the Williams Sisters are trailblazers of women’s tennis in America and also around the world.

Both Serena and Venus became world no.1 in the rankings and won multiple Grand Slam champions. In the recent interview with CNN, Serena opened up about many things from her career. She talked about facing diversities during their playing career and how they changed people’s perceptions.

Serena Williams talked about changing people’s perceptions

In the recent interview with CNN host Christiane Amanpour, Serena Williams talked about how she and Venus transformed the history of tennis; While making their mark in the fashion world.

“We changed it from being two great Black champions to being the best ever, period. And that’s what we did. We took out color, and we became the best,” Serena said in a powerful statement.

“We changed the sport, we changed the fashion, we changed how people think, we changed how people think in business. Before we played tennis, we wanted to do something different it was frowned upon and now I have two amazing companies. One, we came to talk about Serena Ventures and all because of what we did to change the sport,” Serena also stated.

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“We never looked at it as a color thing… we knew that we were entering an all-white sport, but for us, it was like we were entering tennis and we are here to win. And yeah, we had to play harder, we had to be better, but it made us better and at the end of the day, every time we faced a challenge and every time we overcame that challenge, it created Venus and Serena,” Serena further stated.

Serena is not giving up on her dream

The last time we saw Serena play was at Wimbledon last year. After retiring in the first round due to injury, we didn’t see Serena on the tour again. However, in that same interview, she hinted that she was not giving up on her dream to catch Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slam title.

Notably, Australian legend Margaret Court won 24 Grand Slam titles, and Serena has 23 now. The American hasn’t won a Grand Slam since the 2017 Australian Open, even though she had four opportunities to do so.

Can Serena win her 24th Grand Slam title in 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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