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NEWSWar: It’s time to padlock embassies, use guns, binoculars – Russian ex-President warns US, others

Russian ex-President and top it that there is no longer the need for diplomatic ties with nations who do not support his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The security chief said his country does not “especially need” diplomatic ties with the West anymore.

Medvedev said this in comments on his verified page on Russian social network, VK, where he also rubbished sweeping sanctions imposed on Moscow over its war against Ukraine.

It’s time to padlock the embassies and continue contacts looking at each other through binoculars and gun sights,” the former President declared.

Speaking on the sanctions from various countries of the world, especially the West, the former Russian leader said, “The sanctions are being imposed for one simple reason – political impotence arising from their (the West’s) inability to change Russia’s course. [They] will not change a thing.”

The security chief suggested that the measures gave his country a good reason to pull out of dialogue with Western powers on arms control.

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