“There Is No Fire In Hell” – Dr. Abel Damina Says

In response to the question, ‘Will hell last forever? The Cleric explained that Hell is not Hellfire, because the Bible does not call it Hellfire, it is religion that added the fire. He added that Hell means utter darkness, and it is the place Jesus Christ went when He died on the cross as recorded in Psalms 16:10. In this Bible verse, the Psalmist speaks prophetically by saying God will not leave his soul in hell nor will He let His Holy One see decay.

Speaking further, Dr. Damina said that what movies depict as hell, which is a lake of burning fire, is different from what the Bible describes. “There is what the Bible calls the Lake of Fire, and it is not hell. It is the place where Satan, his angels, and those who do not believe in Jesus would be thrown into. Hell will also be thrown into the lake of fire, and they will be burnt to ashes, and not forever, as some people are made to believe”, Dr. Damina said.Click here to listen to the full message.


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