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Abba Kyari again

By Ugo Egbujo

The NDLEA has dug up another skeleton

Last year, the IRT stormed a warehouse in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.

In that warehouse, they found huge quantities Tramadol worth over 3 Billion

The consignment of tramadol was imported into the country by a drug dealer who claimed to be a pharmacist.

It would appear that another kelebe snitched on the cartel and brought Abba Kyari and his boys

To run the double cross.

The IRT confiscated the drugs

But didn’t report to the NDLEA

In the agbataeke philosophy of the IRT,

The drugs must have been sold and proceeds shared

The NDLEA is now on the case

The way things are going

More birds will sing

And this Abba Kyari

Might bring down the Police,

And the NDLEA

And the Customs.

We are watching.

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